All Day Media Fundraiser – November 9th

Honor Flight Kern CountyWe are fast approaching our All Day Media Fundraiser
– November 9, 2017

We need BUNCHES of volunteers at 2 locations (possibly 3, TBA) to collect money from 5am – 7pm.

This fundraiser consists of ALL 3 local tv stations and all local radio stations broadcasting all day long on our behalf. People will then drive by the locations and donate money.

We need LOTS of people at these locations, including girl scouts, boy scouts, sports teams, etc. We will accept high school volunteers and can sign their volunteer slips for volunteer hours.

If you can donate 2-3 hours or more to stand on the street corner, wave banners, jump up and down, and collect money, please let us know!

We have 281 Veteran Heroes on our waiting list to take them to Washington DC to see THEIR memorials!! Let’s send them!! 

THANK YOU, Kern County….you’ve already sent 1,000 Heroes in 5 years!!!!!

Contact: Sharon Dickey (661) 319-4780


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