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Upcoming Events 

May 25, 2020 - Memorial Day
Join Us. Help Us. Monday - Memorial Day car and flag parade thru Assisted Living facilities stage at 8:45am at the Derrell's Storage 2801 Columbus and start at Columbus Estates.
Then on to Magnolia Place, Solstice, Brookdale and The Palms.
There will be a radio station that we can all tune-in to and roll down our windows so they hear the patriotic music. Hey we know it’s not Veterans Day, but these heroes are used to having programs honoring their fallen comrades. We’re just letting them know that we have not forgotten. (Plus most of these folks have not been able to even leave their buildings or rooms in 2 months. I suspect, veterans or not, they will all be thrilled to see us!!!and while these parades have become commonplace to us- they have not seen them because of their kick down) PLEASE JOIN US!
We should be done by 10:30....
Bakersfields biggest yet!

Honor Flight Kern County feels that protecting the health and safety of our veterans and guardians was the most responsible action to take.
As a result, April Honor Flights to Washington DC have been postponed until a later date can be determined.
The flights will be rescheduled and if you were a veteran or guardian scheduled for the flight you will be called first and not lose your place in line.

June 9am-11am - Veteran Coffee & Donuts (1st Tuesdays)
Please note that the Veterans Coffee & Donuts has been cancelled until further notice.

Mix & Mingle with Veterans of all ages.Bakersfield Veterans Center: 1110 Golden State Ave. (661) 323-8387

Thursday June 4 - 9:00am - Bakersfield Monthly Breakfast (1st Thursdays)
Please note that the Bakersfield Breakfast has been cancelled until further notice.
We, Honor Flight Kern County volunteers, recognize the potential health risks to our veterans and community members.
The following is the official word from our Board of Directors:
While individually we may have different levels of concern regarding the dangers associated with the Coronavirus there appears to be one variable to which all doctors and CDC personnel agree: if you are 70-80-90 years old the Coronavirus is especially dangerous. If you have a secondary health issue, pulmonary, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. your chances of becoming a victim are increased.
We recognize as of this moment in time there has not been a recognized Coronavirus victim in Kern County. That being said, it is our belief the County of Kern will identify a Coronavirus victim as the pandemic spreads.
The decision to postpone the April flights was made because our veterans are of the most susceptible age group to the Coronavirus.
That criteria again influences our decision regarding breakfast.
Earlier today, through various emails, the Executive Committee of Honor Flight Kern County (Marsh, Whitaker, Mundorf, Sandrini) determined that placing several hundred veterans in a closed room environment (breakfast) was not in the best interest of their health and safety. As a result, until further notice, all breakfasts have been postponed.
Note: Remember Honor Flight National has postponed all flights through April 30; we would actually be putting more veterans in a closed environment than if we were in an airplane.
We ask our talented and hard working volunteers who make this event so popular to contact the Elks, veterans and post on our website and other action deemed appropriate to notify all interested in the breakfast that they have been postponed until further notice. (Mar 13, 2020)

May - 8am-10am - Kern River Valley Monthly Breakfast (2nd Thursdays)
Please note that the May Breakfast has been cancelled.

VFW Hall 2811 Nugget Ave. Lake Isabella - Please RSVP Gary Zuber (760) 379-2109.
Please remember to wear your Honor Flight name badge, shirt or jacket.

May - 8-10 am - Ridgecrest Monthly Breakfast
Please note that the June Breakfast has been cancelled.
USO Building, 230 W. Ridgecrest Blvd. Gary Zuber (760) 379-2109 (3rdThursdays).

May - 9am - Tehachapi Monthly Breakfast
Please note that the June Breakfast has been cancelled.
St. Malachy Church, 407 West E St.- Tom Stenson (661) 823-1036

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