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Schools throughout Kern County have joined the journey to recognize our veterans in a number of different ways. If you would like to join them, please contact Al Sandrini by email or telephone at the contact information below.


Fund Raising – It costs $1500 to fly a veteran to Washington D.C. for three days and two nights. Everything is free for the veteran. To cover costs, many schools raise funds to put a “vet in a jet!”
Schools that raise $1500 are encouraged to nominate a veteran from their community, or if unable to do so, a veteran can be ‘adopted’ from the Honor Flight list of approved veterans. Priority is given to World War II vets, Korean War vets and then Vietnam vets.

School Assemblies – Some schools have held assemblies and invited veterans who have been on an Honor Flight to share their experiences. In some cases, veterans have also visited classrooms.

“Mail Call” – On each flight, Honor Flight Kern County, solicits letters from family members and students throughout Kern County. The letters of appreciation for past service are then distributed to the veterans on their flight home. It is a very touching and moving experience for the men and women to receive heartfelt gratitude from the youth of our county. A list of guidelines to follow are included below.
• Do not put date on letters. Letters can be used on any flight.
• All letters should be addressed to Dear Veteran. All military branches are served through Honor Flight.
• Letters should NOT have comments about killing, missing limbs, blood, or death. We screen all letters before giving to Veterans.
• Letters shouldn’t be personal about student by including phone numbers or address.
• Letters should focus on ‘thanks’ and appreciation for service to country
• Letters should be a “Thank You” letter to the Veterans for their service, appreciation for all they did for our country, good wishes on their trip to see their memorials.

In the “Mail Call” packets we put in 20-25 generic “Thank You” pictures, letters and any personal mail provided by the family.

When letters are ready to be picked up please call or email me at the numbers/address below.

If you would like to have a veteran come to your school for an assembly, program, etc. let me know.
If you have some type of presentation program for fund raising, we will attempt to have a veteran in attendance.

Schools are encouraged to nominate “Honor Flight” candidates.
Applications are available at
Click on “Applications“.

Kara Cagle – Education Committee/Activities
(661) 520-6820 

Contact to Kara Cagle

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